Colourful pictures instead of bare walls

Graffiti artists decorate the walls of the Burgtor multi-storey car park

This was the initial idea of KWL GmbH after successfully renovating the multi-storey car park by the Burgtor, which KWL operates at Kanalstraße on behalf of the city.  KWL decided that it wanted an appealing design for the white walls on the car park’s exterior. When searching for a partner to implement this idea, the company soon found the right address with Lübeck’s Jugendzentrum Burgtor (Burgtor Youth Centre). ‘From the outset, we knew that we wanted to work with someone local and not simply outsource the job’, explains Volker Salomon, the project manager overseeing this project at KWL GmbH.

Following an initial concept design phase, the Jugendzentrum Burgtor then went ahead and completed the project over the past days in collaboration with artists Felix Dörner (26), Tau Holl (20) and Vusi Holl (18). Thanks to their efforts, the once-bare walls of the multi-storey car park on Kanalstraße now feature truly eye-catching street art. ‘We are pleased that KWL came to us with this idea, as for some years now we have been working with young graffiti artists from Lübeck to ensure that graffiti is regarded as a distinct art form by the public’, says Thomas Neumann from the Jugendzentrum Burgtor.

The topic of graffiti has featured on the agenda of the Jugendzentrum Burgtor for some time now. The ways in which the city-run youth centre engages with this topic range from obtaining permanently legal ‘canvases’ in public spaces, through to a wide range of art projects and workshops for young people.

The project was also made possible thanks to the help of the company Johann Oldenburg GmbH, which provided the artists with scaffolding for the duration of the project.

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Graffiti Künstler gestalten Wände am Burgtor Parkhaus