Day ticket – park for 24 hours

For just €6 a day, you can park within walking distance of the inner city and explore the sights of Lübeck at your leisure.

Day ticket

Parking in Lübeck: there are 24 hours in a day!

There are over 5,000 KWL parking spaces available to you in Lübeck, both in the heart of the city and in the area surrounding the historic Old Town.

The DAY TICKET is a smart alternative to the stress of hourly parking.

For just € 6.00, you can park for 24 hours at the car parks by the Musik- und Kongresshalle, on Wallstraße and Kanalstraße, and explore and experience Lübeck at your leisure.
In Travemünde, the day ticket costs € 4.00 at selected car parks.

Getting your DAY TICKET couldn’t be simpler

At any ticket machine with the TAGESTICKET (DAY TICKET) symbol, simply pay the maximum fee of € 6.00 or € 4.00 instead of the standard hourly fee. Your parking ticket will then be automatically issued and is valid for 24 hours.

Simply place it within view on your vehicle’s dashboard as usual – and you’re done!

Fixed-rate parking

at selected car parks in Lübeck, you can park for 24 hours at a fixed rate of just €6.

Where can I buy the day ticket?

You can purchase the day ticket at the following locations in Lübeck:

  • Fährstraße
  • Hüxterdamm
  • Kanalstraße
  • Lastadie
  • Media Docks
  • Mühlendamm
  • Müllergarten
  • MuK
  • Roeckstraße
  • SAS Radisson
  • An der Untertrave
  • Am Burgfeld (€ 5.00 - other tariff zone)
  • Backbord
  • Am Fischereihafen
  • Hafenbahnhof
  • Möwenstein
  • Priwall
  • Vogteistraße
  • Leuchtenfeld (also for campers and buses)