Is permanent parking space currently available in the city centre?

There is presently no space available on parking areas managed by KWL and our waiting-list is full. Waiting times of over a year are not uncommon.
You can update on the current situation by contacting our permanent (rental-parking) section at any time.

For details of available space on the privately managed car parks, please contact them directly. Contact details are provided on our web site.

The privately managed car parks: City Parkhaus Hüxstraße, Parkhaus Mitte, Parkhaus St. Marien, Parkhaus Pferdemarkt, Radisson Blue Garage as well as the Maritim in Travemünde.

Can I - as a permanent parker - also use the car park outside opening hours?

Yes, you can enter and exit the garage using your codecard at any time.

How can I give notice on my rented space and under what conditions?

4 weeks in advance by the end of any given month, in writing by post or e-mail to dauerparken@luebeck.org 

How can I give notice on my rented space and under what conditions?

4 weeks in advance by the end of any given month, in writing by post or e-mail to dauerparken@luebeck.org

What must I do if my data (bank data, license plate number etc.) has changed?

Inform us of any change by e-mail to dauerparken@luebeck.org

Can I transfer my rented space to another person?

No, due to the waiting-list situation, your space is unfortunately not transferable.

Can I specify multiple license plates for a rented parking space?

Yes, this is possible.


Is it possible to make an advanced reservation?

No, unfortunately not.

What are the opening hours for motor home parking areas?

24/7 all year round.

Are power /water connections and grey water disposal available?

Electricity and water connections are available at the Kowitzberg and Fischereihafen sites in Travemünde. Grey water can also be disposed of there.

On all other sites in Lübeck and Travemünde there are no electricity and water connections.


Are toilets and showers available on site?

No, unfortunately not.

Are caravans allowed?


Are dogs allowed?

Yes, but dogs must be kept on a leash at all times on site.

How long can I stay?

For a maximum duration of 24 hours.


Where is it possible to park my car in Lübeck for two weeks?

In our multi-storey car parks. Please note opening times.

Is it possible to exit the multi-storey car parks after closing time?

Yes. In order to re-enter a closed car-park, you must take your parking ticket with you and use it, upon return, to open the roll-up door.
In the Haerder Center multi-storey, there is a pedestrian entrance in Sand Straße.

In privately-owned car-parks which are not open 24 hours, other access options may be provided. Information is available on site.

Is it possible to make reservations for the multi-storeys?

Reservations are currently available only in Falkenstraße.

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For how long is a day-ticket valid?

For 24 hours.


The rates vary according to location.


Is there a parking fee on Sundays and holidays?

In Lübeck, parking is free of charge on Sundays and public holidays. In Travemünde, parking is subject to charges throughout.